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Monty's Specialty Products

Monty’s Calcium Plus

Science is just beginning to understand calcium’s critical role in almost all plant processes. To help you best manage and maintain plant response, we introduce Calcium Plus, the newest member of the Monty’s Family. Lime and other forms of calcium are effective but take time to break down and affect change for the plant. Monty’s Calcium Plus’ formula is readily available to go to work fast within the plant. Apply it now, for results now.
Monty’s Calcium Plus provides optimum results when applied as a foliar during the vegetative cycle of the plant. It may also be applied through the soil or as a tank-mix with other Monty’s Products.

Apply at a rate of ½ gallon in a minimum of 15 gallons of water per acre
2.5 covers 5 acre=$67.50    Equates to $13.50 per acre
275 gallon covers 550 acres= $5900  Equates to $10.72 per acre

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Monty’s Nano-Bind

The same effectiveness and results you have come to rely on with Monty’s Liquid Carbon is now enhanced with the power of nanotechnology.

NanoBind® combines the benefits of Monty’s Liquid Carbon with a unique package of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to quickly remediate even the most troubled fields.

Use this product when your levels of organic matter are extremely low, or when your chemical, salt, or residue levels are particularly high and you need results now.

2.5 gallons cover 5 acres=$75.00  Equates to $15.00 per acre
275 gallons covers 550 acres=$7975.00  Equates to $14.50

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Monty’s Nano-Boost

Monty’s Nanoboost® is an adjuvant for your current herbicide program. Unlike traditional oils, soaps, and wetter/stickers, NanoBoost® doesn’t merely keep the product on the leaf surface longer in hopes that it will eventually penetrate the surface. NanoBoost® creates particles so small that they easily slip past the natural defenses of the plant – waxy leaf surfaces, closed stomata, etc – and delivers your herbicide into the plant.

NanoBoost® will not make your herbicide "hotter" so it is as safe to use as your current program. NanoBoost® causes more of your herbicide to reach its intended target, increasing the effectiveness of whatever herbicide you use.

Just 2 ounces per acre, tank-mixed with your herbicide, can help provide these benefits:

  • Rapid Penetration and Absorption
  • Quicker, More Complete Kill
  • Potentially Reduced Application Rates

Apply at a rate of 1 to 2 ounces per acre
2.5 gallons covers 160-320 acres=$282.00 Equates to .$88 per ounce

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